Company, Visitor and Call Tracking Through Our Branded Software – The Ultimate Sales and Marketing Tool To Identify Leads You Never Knew You Had, Maximise your Marketing ROI & Help Your Business To Make Smarter Decisions.


What is our analytics software?

At MarketMagnet UK we aim to take things the extra mile and have partnered with a leading analytics company.  Whether you have a brand new website or are running a full force marketing campaign, our analytics software will be the ultimate sales and marketing tool for your business. Our software simply connects to your website and tracks all visitors through various IP address databases to identify who and what companies are interested in your business.

The software then breaks down the visitor’s path and interests, including a host of other metrics such as their referral/sources, conversions rates and key interests to further paint the picture of your visitors requirements. The software also comes packed with a feature rich call tracking, reporting and advanced call handling service and much more. 

  preview of demo account lead generation software with company tracking
Preview of demo account dashboard


What are the benefits of this software?

Imagine getting into the mind of your potential leads and staying one step ahead -  Your customers may be 90 percent ready to buy your services and products, but they could be seeking extra help, information or an extra incentive for them to pull the trigger.

Our software will provide all the information to close that sale by identify your visitors trends of strengths, weaknesses, choke points and areas that need improving in your sales and marketing cycle. Here are some examples of how our clients have benefited: 


  •  Identifying leads and insights into their business they never knew they had
  •  Improving sales performance with call tracking and training features
  •  Identifying trends of website behavior and improving areas that had high bounce rate
  •  Identifying areas of bad/good performance of referrals and knowing what marketing channels were working
  •  Identifying industries and companies they never knew they could cater for
  •  Producing a tactful marketing campaign geared towards these newly found leads to close even more sales
  •  Overall, making sure your business has pinpoint targeting and a healthy return on investments...



The possibilities and benefits to your business are limitless, and the insights taken from our software opens up a new dimension your marketing and sales team to work with. We can provide this software as an add-on to our marketing services or as stand-alone service - we will partner with your company to help utilise the software with training and support.


How do I get access to this software & how much is it?

All you need to do is embed a code into your website and we will provide you with access to our client login area to your access your dashboard. The software will easily integrate and enhance your current CRM platforms, and it also compatible with a host of other popular applications (e-mail, google apps, social media apps, cloud storage, CRM etc.). Based off these plug-ins we can also assist in setting up an e-mail marketing campaign through MailChimp - Other apps such as DueDill (credit/finance reporting) can also be integrated to create a holistic service with no limits of configurations based on your needs. 

The analytics software is competitively priced and is dependent on the number of visitors you receive monthly, and if you require call tracking or company tracking or both features; there are no tie-ins, no contracts and is hassle free to set-up.  

To Find out more please contact us for prices and we will be happy to show you the full features of the software. 


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