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*For NDA and privacy protection, we cannot show some of our projects and marketing activities. Please contact us and we will provide you with more industry and service specific case studies such as SEO, PPC and Software projects.


Web Design, Hosting & PPC

“Having had problems with previous web designers, I searched for a reliable and trustworthy agency to handle my problems, MarketMagnet UK exceeded my expectations and offered a great service throughout” - SSF Group, Director.

The brief : SSF Group a well established construction and steel fabrications company have been battling with web agencies that could not deliver a reliable and function service in line with their vision.

Our approach: We analysed their top to bottom digital presence, and started off by breaking down their existing website. We mirrored their current layout and made vast improvements to the framework and functionality. We ensured the site would be SEO friendly and was optimised for marketing performance.

The result: After numerous tweaking and perfecting to the clients vision we free’d them of their digital problems, and in the process gained back control and access to their website. Their website was optimised and ready for a PPC campaign which is successfully underway and performing beyond the clients expectations.


Web Design, Hosting, Video Production & PPC

“MarketMagnet UK took our brief and brilliantly strategised a way for our company to grow, from start to finish they were extremely attentive & professional and would go the extra mile to make sure we achieved the absolute best results, we now trust them with all of our design and marketing requirements and have allowed our business to grow online” AM Hydraulics, Director.



The brief : AM Hydraulics have grown rapidly over the past decades, but they have however struggled with establishing an online presence and were ready to take their business to the next stage.

Our approach: We designed a bespoke website that could showcase their impressive facilities with video and imagery. They had a strict vision, which we ensured with regular meetings and various iterations and tweaking. The website was also geared for a marketing campaign, and hosted by us to ensure this resource intensive website would be reliable, secure and speedy.

The result: A beautiful, polished & high performing website was produced with a project turnover time of 10 weeks. We set up and managed their google AdWords campaign and coupled with their new site, has had impressive conversion rates. The addition of a lead gen/company tracking software has also enabled them to explore a whole new way of identifying and generating leads – giving the client a complete digital presence.


Web Design, Graphics Design & Marketing Consultancy 

The brief : Sikh Channel initially approached us to consult on a sales presentation and graphics design project. The scope of requirements grew after initial contact, and they asked to head various other projects, including design of a new logo and website (Sikh Channel Aid).

Our approach: We carefully planned and strategised the identity of their new charity, as they required a separate look not too distant from the parent brand image. We came up with various ideas and concepts that were carefully researched and proven to work in the industry. We also researched and designed a bespoke website that would fir with the logo, and showcase their charity and focus on receiving donations easily.

The result: The client now has the identity, tools and online presence to meet their vision for Sikh Channel Aid and increase awareness of this great cause. Donations can be taken easily from all types of gateways and methods giving them the platform to reach and meet their goals.


We would love to show you everyone one of our projects but this is simply not feasible with over 100+ Web Design, Graphics, SEO, PPC campaigns and bespoke software developments in the past year alone! - Please contact us for more information.


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