Why is SEO important?

Around 90% of online experiences begin with a search engine, which is why one of our core marketing focuses is SEO. SEO (search engine optimisation) is an effective organic digital marketing strategy, generating traffic & leads that will provide long term ROI for your website – it is the process of optimising your website for Googles algorithms and also your customers user experience. 


What is involved in SEO?

There are many factors that play into SEO to shape your digital success, these can include:

  • On-site factors such as keywords, content strategy optimisation, coding and index issues.
  • Off-site factors such as external link building, google business optimisation, local and national outreach & much more.

How do we approach SEO?

Audit & Optimise → Strategy & Promotion → Monitor & Respond

We are advocates of generating a ROI as a measurement of success, we don’t just want more leads for your business – we want you to generate more sales. Within each of these factors, there are varying scopes depending on your website, business and industry. We tailor each project with your business objectives, marketing strategies and scope of resources to ensure the most effective approach:

  • In Month 1 & 2 of our campaigns we usually start by producing a comprehensive audit that will analyse your current state and changes that need to be made. We then advise on the changes that need to be implemented with guidance from the audit and strategy outlined bespoke to your business.
  • In the months following this it is essential to carrying out monthly link building activities, CRO (conversion rate optimisation), content marketing and performance reporting. We are a firm believer in a long term strategy to ensure your online campaign is consistently up to date, and so your business can respond to analytics and performance data. Content strategy development is one of the central focuses of our SEO work, we want to ensure your business and website is voicing a powerful message to both Google and your customers.

We use various White hat tactics that are unique to us and custom built that are permanent, high powered, holistic (social results also) & absolutely unique - no other agency will use the same system we do!

We have also invested in analytics and visitor tracking software, where our clients can access a thorough and transparent monitoring tool to track performance.  


When can I see results?

There are various factors that affect this - but most importantly it is to do with the state of your current website and online presence. The digital world is forever changing and so is SEO - when SEO work is carried out it takes some time for google to recognise and credit these optimisations, depending on the amount of work carried out. We aim to create a consistent level of performance for your business and recommend long-term campaigns of at least 6 months.

With change consistently shaping digital marketing, what works today may not work down the line and we want to keep ahead of the game at all times. Our monthly reporting system will present your campaigns performance and we will work directly with you to develop a winning campaign.

How much is SEO?

All of our services are carried out with individual care from our consultants and therefore we offer multiple pricing packages for our client to ensure we deliver with your requirements and budget. We believe every business is unique and therefore to get the best ROI, quality and fairest prices require a short consultation and discovery session. This can be done via the chat function, e-mail or phone - contact us and we can provide you with a full proposal and quote. 

Alternatively, find out more about our bespoke pricing methods here.

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