Marketing with a BIG impact - MarketMagnet UK will provide unbeatable performance and support in our PPC management services, at a highly competitive price. Our consultants are also Google partner certified.



  • Specialising in Google Adwords set-up and monthly management that produces results, not excuses. (Detailed case studies available on request) 
  • Managing clients budgets from £500 to £10,000 per month.
  • Campaigns based on conversion rates, reducing costs and overall efficiency. 
  • Going the extra mile by providing you access to visitor and company tracking software. 
  • No hidden or extra costs, simple payment procedures for quick turnaround of service.
  • A professional and friendly approach that our clients 100% trust. 


What is PPC?

PPC (pay-per-click) is a marketing campaign where you purchase advertising space for your business keywords on search engines/social media - you then only pay when your Ad is clicked on. 

All you need to do is allocate your budget on your google ad words account to social media platforms, and MarketMagnet UK will manage your PPC campaign  to ensure you are getting the most efficient and effective return on your investment.

Our clients Ad words campaigns are expertly managed, and we aim to go above and beyond your goals of business growth, leads and sales. 

  PPC pay-per-click example on google Ad wordsAd-words google searches are at the TOP of each page 


What is involved in PPC management?

Our experts know what they are doing when it comes to PPC campaigns on all search engines (Google & Bing) and Social media (Paid advertising). The elements involved in a typical campaign can include: 

  • PPC strategy & set-up: 
    • Your business research (KPI, Budget Management & target)
    • Keywords research
    • Industry & competitor research
    • Campaign Ad creation, Settings and configuration. (Ad scheduling, split testing etc)
  • PPC Management:  
    • Performance reporting & Monitoring
    • Bid management
    • Audience targeting
    • Demographic and geographic targeting
    • Re-targeting & re-marketing 
    • Conversion tracking
    • and more


Why do i need you to manage my PPC campaign? 

Blowing your PPC budget is an easy thing to do, especially if it's not consistently managed or correctly set up. This is why our expert consultants provide unbeatable ROI for our clients with their wealth of knowledge and experience in digital marketing - all at an affordable price point. We have also invested in analytics and visitor tracking software, where our clients can access a thorough and transparent monitoring tool to track performance.  


How much is PPC?

PPC involves two separate fees; a one-off set-up fee and a monthly management fee.  This depends on your specific requirements also.  

All of our services are carried out with individual care from our consultants and therefore we do not have set pricing packages. We believe every business is unique and therefore to get the best ROI, quality and fairest prices requires a short consultation and discovery session. This can be done via the chat function, e-mail or phone - contact us and we can provide an accurate quote within minutes. PPC involves two separate fees; a one-off set-up fee, and a monthly management fee - depending on your requirements. 

Alternatively, find out more about our bespoke pricing methods here.