Through our partner companies we have been providing clients with both Standalone and Bespoke IT Solutions. Our aim being to enable businesses to efficiently manage business critical processes, corporate governance and compliance, globally.
Our partners are a leading, trusted Software Solutions and Services provider, who have been successfully delivering business solutions across diverse technologies and in multiple industry sectors.
With an experienced Technical Team and Industry Experts, our partners have been able to develop complex in-house technologies, enabling us to enhance your project whether it may be small, large or complex.

Project Management Services

You can rely on us to take care of the entire software development lifecycle for you; our experts have the capability and expertise to run projects on a global scale.
Our job is to work with you, by combining our agile delivery methods and our extremely knowledgeable staff we are able to ensure that we deliver the results you are after.
Our project management services can also help you to reduce your IT costs and risks without compromising on quality of service or the final deliverables.
Whether we are helping you to find the right people or using our own staff to deliver fixed-time fixed-price projects, you can be sure you are working with high-calibre professionals with exceptional skills.
Every customer is different, and we pride ourselves in understanding your unique business and working with you to deliver your project goals.

Bespoke Application Development

By going through an extensive requirement capturing process before any project commences, we can ensure that there are no surprises when solutions are delivered.
We have a team of technical experts with a diverse skill set, allowing us to cater to your projects needs and most importantly we put you, the client first; working with you on every step of the development process to ensure collaboration and alignment in your requirements and our delivery.
Over the years we have been able to build our own technologies from the ground up enabling our development team to turn around projects efficiently and cost effectively.

We can help with the following applications:

  • Portal and Web Based Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development

Support and Maintenance

We will continue to work with you on the project, helping to support and maintain your software applications.
We don’t just support the software that we have developed; but also pride ourselves in having access to the experienced technical professionals who have a wide range of legacy and modern application skills.
Let us help you maintain and run your mission critical systems. We are here to help support you, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Other Services...


Testing is an extremely vital part of the project lifecycle and can often lead to the success or failure of transformation and project implementations. Therefore, can significantly reduce Software Development delays and costs.
We have a range of testing expertise to run user acceptance testing or augment testing teams with specific skills whether the testing is using automation or manual methods.

  • Define Test Strategy
  • Perform Execution

Data Migration

Perceived as a high risk workstream on any project, we have developed partnerships that will deliver data migrations on a time and materials.

  • Data Mapping
  • Data Extract
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Migration
  • Reconciliation